You got questions? We have answers. Below are the most commonly asked questions we have encountered over the years as well as other important information regarding our highlight videos.

Question: Why use Imagine Studios and not our in-house video production class?
Answer: One word, quality. While you can have students produce these videos, you simply cannot get the level of quality that we provide from the 15+ years of professional experience we offer. We also use expensive, top of the line professional equipment that most schools and individuals cannot afford. While our videos can be a little on the expensive side, the students and parents alike deserve a top quality product for their investment. From top level video acquisition and expert video editing, to the high quality printing/packaging, not many local companies (let alone a student) can match our quality standards.

Question: What is the background of Imagine Studios?
Answer: Imagine Studios is owned and operated by Shawn Beuscher since 1997. Before starting Imagine Studios, Shawn worked for Fox 4 WDAF as well as other multi-million dollar production facilities in Kansas City. Imagine Studios provides production services for various high profile companies such as UPS, FORD, Turner Construction, The GABL, and SONY to name a few.

Question: Our team isn't going to be very good this year. Why should we have a highlight video?
Answer: While society as a whole can get somewhat fixated on the wins and loses of a given sport, we realize team athletics are about much more than just a winning record. We also realize that not every school is going to be strong year in and year out. We produce our videos in such a way that a team could lose every game of the season, but our video will show the teams strengths and high points. You would never know, but only about half of the games we shoot the home team wins. We then take that footage and creatively edit it together to be a very energetic, emotional, and positive experience. In turn, our videos will become a cherished piece of visual history these students will reflect on for the rest of their lives. The way we shoot and edit our videos focuses on the team as a whole and not individual accomplishments, unless requested by the coach. The only individual achievement we highlight are the seniors usually during senior night opening ceremonies and team introductions.

Question: What sports do you cover?
Answer: Just about all, boys and girls alike. This also includes Cheer leading and Drill Team performances. (for drill team coverage info, please refer to our dance related website at

Question: How long are the highlight videos?
Answer: Depending on the sport, our highlight videos are usually between twenty and thirty minutes in length. This is an ideal time limit when considering the video will be shown at the end of the season banquet.

Question: As a coach, what do I need to provide you for our highlight video?
Answer: Coaches are responsible to make it known to school administration that we are going to videotape a given event. Coaches also need to provide us with some items we will need such as season record stats, any newspaper clippings, and any extra photographs that they want included. We will also need to coordinate a time before a game that we are covering to have access to the gym/field, ALL JV, & Varsity members in uniform for shooting special sequences like the Roll Call section. Depending on the sport, this can be anywhere from thirty minutes to one hour to capture what we need.

Question: Can you use footage and photographs taken by students, parents, and/or school staff?
Answer: In most cases, long as the original owner of said media gives us permission to do so. This allows us to include some footage, such as state competition/tournaments, that we were not there to cover.

Question: What media formats can you accept?
Answer: For video, when used, we prefer to have digital consumer formats like mini-DV or DVD-r. Photos can be digital on CD or actual photographs.

Question: What is the turn around time? Can we have delivery of the videos by our banquet?
Answer: Normal turnaround time is 2 weeks from the end of season. In most cases we can have all production and duplication finished and delivered by the teams banquet night. It can be a little tricky when the team goes deep into end of season tournaments, but we have yet to miss a banquet showing!

Question: What schools have you done videos for?
Answer: Imagine Studios has provided quality video productions for many Kansas City area high schools including Rockhurst, Blue Valley West, Blue Valley South, Blue Valley Northwest, Shawnee Mission West, Shawnee Mission Northwest, Shawnee Mission East, Shawnee Mission North, Lee's Summit North, Olathe North, Olathe South, Blue Springs, and many other area Jr. High Schools.

Question: Does payment need to be exclusively from the school?
Answer: No. Many times the parents themselves pay for our services and products separate from the school itself. However, we do recommend that the parents give their monies to the coach so he/she can have the school cut a check. By doing this, the school is tax exempt making our services tax free and saving the parents money.

Question: Do you offer any discounts?
Answer: Yes. For schools that have multiple videos they wished produced, such as separate JV and Varsity videos or boys & girls sports like basketball where both squads might play on the same day, we do offer discounts. Also, if a school wishes to have us produce videos for multiple sports such as a football video and a baseball video in the same year, we will also make discounts available to the school. Additional discounts can also be realized if the school signs a muti-year contract for any particular sport. Any and all of these discounts can also be combined for even greater savings!