When you want the best sports videos in Kansas City, Imagine Studios delivers every time! Below you will find examples of our sports highlight videos that have been separated into their individual modules for easy viewing. The first video in each category below is from the same video for that year so you can see a complete video of our work.

Video Openers
These short thirty second to one minute clips are the high energy video sequences that open up our highlight videos with a bang. Also showcased in this opening module are the starting seniors for the particular sport.

SMW Basketball 2006 SMW Basketball 2003 SME Volleyball 2006

Video Highlight Reel
Our Video Highlight Reel section is the real meat of the production. This module is comprised of video clips creatively edited together to music for maximum emotion while telling a story of teamwork.

SMW Basketball 2006 SMW Basketball 2003 SME Volleyball 2006

Roll Call
The Roll Call section of our videos are where every player on the Varsity & JV teams are highlighted through video clips and player's name graphics.

SMW Basketball 2006 BVW Basketball 2004

Photo Highlights #1
We offer two versions of the Photo Highlights modules. This first version is comprised of game action still photos taken directly from the video footage. By taking the stills from the video footage, we are able to get the exact action shot that we desire to ensure an entertaining video.

SMW Basketball 2006 SMW Basketball 2004

Newspaper Recap
This module is a very creative take on the newspaper clippings gathered throughout the year. We then take those stories and headlines and re-create front page news with live motion video within the newspaper itself. Also included are the season records and any other team achievements that the squad has earned.

SMW Basketball 2006

Photo Highlights #2 plus video
The second of the two different Photo Highlight modules that we offer. As with the Photo Highlights #1, we use photos taken from the video footage. In addition, we also incorporate various video clips such as the senior night ceremonies. Other photographs taken by parents or school staff can also be added to remember the past years team activities or post season play.

SMW Basketball 2006 BVW Basketball 2003

DVD Menus
While the final DVD can be played from start to finish as produced, we offer a nice DVD menu system for quick and easy viewing of any of the DVD's sections.

SMW Basketball 2006

Imagine Studios provides high quality videos for many of Kansas City's top companies and organizations. We are honored to have a close relationship with the Great American Basketball League where many of Kansas City's local athletes start out. For the last 5 years, we have provided this great not for profit organization with both marketing videos as well as live production services for the GABL's annual awards ceremony.

Great American Basketball League